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Abke Design is committed to providing uncompromised quality, high-tech business solutions that communicate our client’s ideas through creative and effective design solutions without sacrificing usability and functionality, providing responsive personalized service and competitive rates.

We are relentless in our commitment of delivering outstanding customer and technical support services throughout the design process and equally important, beyond project completion.

  • We believe in practicing the highest standards, ethics and integrity in our industry. This philosophy not only shows through in our work but also in our commitment to our customers.
  • We Are Experienced – We’ve been in the business for over 25 years, before most people even knew what the Internet was. We’ve seen fads come and go and understand what works and what doesn’t. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we have the technical expertise, knowledge, capability and resources to deliver results!
  • We believe in Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction – We take pride in being the type of company that still believes that “the Customer comes first”. Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance are in the forefront of every aspect of our work. We realize that maintaining Customer satisfaction is why our Clients return to us for additional projects year after year and also why they do not hesitate to recommend our services to others. We fully understand that our success is directly attributed to the success we help our Customers’ achieve.
  • Competitive Affordable Rates – Experience and Professionalism doesn’t have to come at an exorbitant price. With Abke Design, you will always get fair, competitive rates.  After you request a quote, our proposal will outline you project and give you a firm cost. We don’t nickle and dime our clients.  You will know upfront exactly what your project will cost. If we promise something, we deliver it on-time and on-budget!
  • We listen, we discuss, we advise – We listen to your ideas, plans, objectives, and goals for your business. We then work with you to select the best solution to fit your needs. If we feel we are not a good fit for your project or we feel that we can not meet your timeline and objectives, we we be honest and tell you upfront and will assist you in finding alternate solutions.
  • Ongoing Support – We will be here long after your project is complete to offer support, updates and/or advice.  We provide free 30-day Web Maintenance and Tech Support but can easily be reached by phone or email after the initial 30 days.
  • We Believe in Long-Term Partnerships – We value long-lasting relationships. The majority of our business is from return customers, many of which we’ve had since we started over 25 years ago, and from those happy customer’s who refer us to their business associates. We know how valuable a partnership can be in the long run, which is why we always make sure to deliver beyond expectations to make our customers happy.

Unlike many Internet companies whose main purpose is to get “bigger faster”, we are proud to be a small business so that our primary focus can be providing our Customer’s with the best possible solutions at the lowest possible rates.

Being a small business allows us to offer a number of advantages over the large design firms while still providing the same level of experience, expertise and services to our clients. As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of a small business and since our staff also has the working experience of the large corporation, we have the diversity to see both sides of the spectrum. This understanding in combination with our Internet and Marketing experience allows us to assist our clients in using the leveraging power of the Internet to put their small businesses on the same playing field as the large businesses.

We encourage you to read our Client Testimonials which attest to the quality services we provide and why our philosophy and beliefs strengthen our relationships with our customers.

  • Lisa Abke created an art website for me after a long standing and well known restaurant owner referred me to her.

    Lisa was extremely professional and patient and worked closely with me in setting up the website. She took my questions very seriously.

    To this day, she responds asap if I have questions or concerns, and I feel a tremendous sense of security knowing she is there.

    She is knowledgeable, caring, and reasonable. 

    I hope to be associated with her for many years to come!

    Laurie Mueller Lamujoart - Art by Laurie Mueller
  • A+ - Excellent service! Couldn't have asked for more!

    Diane Greene Schoenhals Elementary School
  • I have worked with Lisa Abke on numerous websites in the last 8 to 10 years.

    In the numerous businesses I own, I have found a group of people that I would never change... Lisa is number one on the list.

    Honesty with integrity to a degree that is unmatched. A one-man army with the highest standard of work ethics.

    Lisa will not only get the job done, it will be done to impeccable standards.

    Lisa also helped me to understand internet language (SEO, H1 tags etc.) Thanks for everything Lisa.

    I have 3 new websites I will be starting soon with other partners and I demanded Lisa run the show.

    Denny Rossi Seal It Green Sealants
  • I have worked with Abke Publishing & Graphic Services since 2001, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of website engineering, site optimization, search engine analysis and site submissions. Their work has been a major factor in our website’s success.

    I can confidently recommend Abke Publishing & Graphic Services as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

    David Hammel David Hammel Forensics, PLLC
  • Lisa is great! She will go out of the way and take time with you to help with whatever you need. She is very efficient and answers emails and questions right away.

    If I have a quick question or need her to show me something, she is there to help right away. She is so easy to work with.

    I highly recommend her for any website or logo design.

    Kate Quinn Artisian Construction Company
  • You made the entire process of having a website easy. I'm still learning about the Internet and thanks to you, I'm a part of it.

    I love the way my site looks and the information I'm able to provide and receive from thousands of people. I also truly appreciate how easy you are to work with. Not once have I ever felt that I was bothering you (and we know how many questions I've had).

    I have recommended you to friends in need of Web Design services. You are so knowledgeable and certainly easy to work with. Once my new site has been transferred, I'll be sure to pass on the URL

    Diane McLane

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