Do you do Search Engine Optimization?


Yes.  Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done on all of our Web Design & Development projects.

As we are building your website, SEO is at the forefront of our minds as we name pages, use and name images, use image alt tags, name links and anchors, and add outgoing links, etc.

Throughout the development process we are adding SEO to your website.  We will add MetaTags which include page titles, descriptions and keywords.  We also place Google analytics on your site to ensure that Google is regularly looking at your site and indexing its contents.

After 25 years in the business we know quite a bit about SEO and most of our clients do very well with their search rankings just with the SEO we perform when we build their websites, but our forte is Web Design & Development not SEO.

We do not claim to be SEO Experts, nor do we make any guarantees as to your search rankings.

SEO is complicated and time consuming.  There are several factors that determine your search rankings and those search algorithms change frequently.  You can be in the top 10 one day and dropped to page 20 a week later. It is more about what you do after your website is live that really matters. It is also important to update your content frequently and to have good links coming into your website and good outgoing links to other similar websites.

If you would like to discuss additional SEO above and beyond what is offered in our Web Development, please contact us.

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