Where do I start?


It actually starts with an idea but… it helps if you can provide a company brochure, logo, or any time of business literature.  Don’t have any, no problem, we can help with that as well.

In the meanwhile, decide what you want the website to do.  Set some goals, what do you want to accomplish with a website? Is it just for informational purposes so that people can see what you do and find out how to contact you or to find driving directions? Are you interested in selling products online? Decide what you would like the website to look like… colors, layout ideas, functionality.

If you’re still not sure, have you seen other websites that you like the colors, layout, design or functionality? Another way to get some ideas is to look at the local competition to see what they are doing because if you are going to compete, you need to be doing more that what they are doing.

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