Why do I need a website?


So people can find your business!  In today’s electronic world, having a website is essential if you would like your business to thrive and prosper.  These days when you go to look for a service, the first thing the majority of us do is ‘search’ the Internet for companies that offer services near to us.  How many of us still thumb through that big yellow book?

Without a website, your business or service will not be found.  However, just having a website is not enough.  If you’re website looks like your neighbor’s 12 year old built the website, the majority of your potential customers will find that unprofessional website untrustworthy and move on to the next professional looking/functional website. That is where a professional Web Designer comes in.

A website is a relatively small investment compared to other forms of advertising and with today’s electronic lifestyles, it is an essential investment that will pay off in a short time.

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